Building with a Vision

Developing for the Future

Chinese 汉语

The Gorman Property Group has had long term business links with China and has marketed investment properties in China for many years. We honor our relationships built up over this time and the friendships made.

We believe in the future of our business with China as evidenced by Daniel Gorman living and studying in Suzhou for the past couple of years.

Our group can offer many benefits to Investors coming to South East Queensland using our extensive contacts in Government, business and education.

Dan Gorman’s key involvement in the establishment and growth of John Paul College one of Australia’s foremost private schools and well known to the Chinese community, has given him many contacts to help with all educational matters that may assist in the establishment of families in a new home in Queensland.
高海丹主要参与在澳大利亚一流的私人学校 - 约翰保罗学院的建立和发展,而且他也相当熟悉在澳大利亚的中国社区,所以这给了他许多联系管道,可以帮助所有的教育问题,或是协助一个新的家庭建立在昆士兰。

Dan and his team know that relationships are built on more than just business and we are looking forward to creating new, lasting and valuable friendships through the Significant Investor program and our continued involvement with China and it’s business community.