Gorman Property: Smarter, More Flexible and More Imaginative

The Group is continually thinking in a smarter more flexible and more imaginative way.

Each development further improves on the standard set by Rose-Wood Villas which attracted the Premier’s favourable comment.

Responding to Community Needs

Continuing to respond to the need for family accommodation, the Group provides community title complexes sympathetic to family needs. Standard features in the estates include comforts not ordinarily available in family community housing.

Property Management – The Gorman Property Management System

Genuine concern for the security and well-being of residents of it’s Community Title complexes is typified by planned after sales care. The careful selection of a competent Caretaker/Manager responsible to the Body Corporate as well as to each owner is one of the keys leaving little for the owner (whether resident in the complex or not) to worry about taking care of everything.

Initially, the Group remains as Resident Manager/Caretaker for a lengthy period after completion of each new complex in order to hand over a fully operational maintained complex to the eventual managers and supplies them with ongoing training in the Group's computerised Resident Manager systems and techniques. This has resulted in near 100% occupancy rates even during periods where other complexes are suffering various sizable vacancy factors.

The Gorman Property Resident Manager training system commenced with the project called Rose-Wood Villas after the Group considered that the care-taking and management of its projects would benefit from the Group's professional approach and typifies the Groups ongoing care for its Investors.

This is clearly evident in the Group's past projects shown in the Project Gallery which includes some photographs of past developments “as completed” (some more than 19 years ago) compared to how they look today. Careful care-taking and landscaping maintenance has resulted in communities which are better today than when built.