State Government Endorsement

At the opening of Rose-Wood Villas on 19 April 1991 the Premier of Queensland, Mr Wayne Goss MLA, said...

“It’s good to see this project because it does represent economic activity, it does represent a substantial investment. But the other thing that I want to comment on particularly tonight, I think is especially pleasing about this development, is the nature of the development. Because what you see here is something of the future. What you see here at Rose-Wood Villas is something that we’re going to have to see a lot more of as a community in terms of how we respond to the demand for accommodation by working in a smarter, more flexible and more imaginative way.”

“.. you can be proud of what you have achieved here today because not only have you got a very substantial investment up and running in the toughest times we have had in this Country for a long time, but you have done it in a way that is very smart and which is going to lead the way in this State and in this community for the future.”

“It is not just quantities of the investment, but the quality of the investment and the way you have delivered it as well. I am proud to have been associated with this project - you can be very proud of this project - and I want to join with everybody else here in congratulating you on what you have achieved.”