Property Development Assessment and Delivery Process

In marketing its products, Gorman Property Group always adheres to the principles of fair trading laws and sets it standards higher than required by the Developer's Code set down by the Queensland Government as well as that for Real Estate Agents.

From the moment a property development opportunity is approved by Dan Gorman a comprehensive assessment is commenced including any zoning restraints or issues, the most appropriate development, market research, including valuations, realistic end sale prices and marketing strategy. A detailed development costing feasibility study is completed to identify any potential risks, and project profitability parameters and any financing requirements.

Gorman Property are extremely selective with the properties purchased or joint ventured and every property must meet their stringent criteria.

Property Development Assessment and Delivery Process

Once the property is accepted the consultancy team drive the process from obtaining a D.A through to a B.A. and operational works in conjunction with the Gorman Property in house building and construction team. This is a comprehensive and expensive exercise but ensures the success of all projects undertaken.

The professional team of consultants are carefully selected for each individual project because of the particular expertise in their field and make a valuable contribution to the Gorman Property team.

Ethical Standards

High ethical standards are hallmarks of a Gorman Property Group product, designed with the long term investor in mind. No short cuts are taken. From the careful site selection to the design, development and marketing of the product, the Group’s executive, employees, consultants and contractors observe the same high ethical standards.

Corporate Responsibilty

The Group strives to be a good corporate citizen. It recognises its corporate community responsibility and endeavours to be a partner in Civic progress by developing in a manner sensitive to the needs of the Community.

Environmental Responsibility

The Group cares for the environment especially the built environment. The largely forgotten creature in the current environmental awareness people are given serious consideration in a way which is sensi­tive to all other environmental concerns. Conscious attention is given to the visual aesthetics of developments and all projects are immaculately maintained before sale as owner and effective mechanisms and agreements are put in place to permit the Body Corporate to continue such maintenance long into the future.